Monday, February 20, 2012

Arosci Intensive Restructuring System New Straightening Product Relaxer Free

So I was checking out the Bronner's Bros. website looking through their brochure for there show being held right now when I saw a new product in it that I hadn't seen before.  When I saw it I was like where this was when I decided to texlax my hair. Anyway the product works similar to those keratin straightening procedures, I refused to get one of those because of the formaldehyde in them.  It temporarily straightens your hair for 12 weeks, without taken away your curl.  It also helps to strengthen your hair from the inside out, and tame frizz.  

This product claims to be formaldehyde free and someone already did a review about this product on Youtube.  More than likely more salons may be offering this after they go to the Bronner's Bros Show, because that is where they will learn about new products.  I will keep watching this product to see what results it gives and how well it works. When you have 4a texture hair your always on the hunt for something to make managing your hair easier.  

I tried to research similar products like this but didn't care for the amount of heat.  Also a process like this, if you had to do it yourself would take a lot of time to do.  It's still good to have information about products like this, for when you get that itch to be straight.

Here is a video showing how they applied the system taking the client from curly to straight.

They also have a product to help maintain your curls.  It's called Arosci Luxe Curl Collection.

The site says it is a "Professional grade moisture-rich curl collection designed to nourish, tame and liberate your naturally curly style. Enriched with shine-enhancing, coil-nurturing ingredients to infuse moisture and resilience for a full head of beautifully natural curls".

You can check out more information about the products at their website.

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