What is Natural Joyanne all about?

Natural Hair Care Advice,  Hair Product Reviews, Product Reviews, Healthy Living and Fashion
(What is hair without the whole package)

On my site you will find tons of helpful information:

how to go natural, 
how to care for your natural hair, 
texlaxed hair or rexlaxed hair care  
hair product reviews
product reviews, 
protective hairstyles, 
fashion, and healthy living.  

I don't leave anything out, because what is hair without the whole package.

You'll find everything you need here in one place. 

About Me

I'm a humble person whose always been obsessed with hair, learn more about me here.

Start Your Natural Hair Journey Now

Are you tired of having to search all over the web and not able to find simple steps to take care of your hair then get started with my Natural Hair Care Basics page.  Everything is laid out simple so you can get started today on your natural hair journey.  Don't delay what are you waiting on.

My Hair Journey

It's been a long road of bumps, hurdles, and trial and error to get to where I am today with my hair and except it for what it is.  No hair story starts from the end it starts with a beginning, so take some time to read about my incredible hair journey.

Product Reviews

Honest product reviews is what I provide nothing more and nothing less.  These are everyday products that I decided I needed and wanted to try.  As of now, I've never been paid to do any review.  These are my honest reviews and opinions.  So if you want to try something out, or don't know what you'd like to purchase then check out my reviews, their honest and easy to understand.

Natural Hair Care Tutorials

I love reading and being informed, but videos provide a visional for some people and make it more exciting.  If your like me and enjoy watching Youtube videos, then you'll enjoy My Natural Hair Care Tutorials.  Or go over and check my channel innerbeauty24 on Youtube, I've made tons of improvements to the way I've done my videos, there short and easy to follow through.  I will be updating my hair routines very soon so don't forget to subscribe and look out for new videos.

Texlaxed and Relaxed Hair Tutorials

I was texlaxed/relaxed for awhile, so I did two videos showing you how to create the perfect braid out.

Healthy Living

So you think your going to keep looking good, without eating right, exercising and drinking lots of water.  What world do you live in, I still look good in my 30's and people are always shock when I tell them my age.  Either I'm truly blessed or I'm doing something right, find out here what I'm doing.


So your hair and body is banging, now what about your fashion.  In these videos I show you my style and runway walk.  Guess what, nothing that I'm wearing is expensive, you can look good without spending a lot.

My Blog

Want to stay up-todate with whats going on with Natural Joyanne and follow me through my never ending hair journey.  What products I'm using, hair tips and more than check out my blog.  


Looking for information about hair, product reviews, etc., searched all over the web, can't find it.  Then check out my sitemap page, you just may find what your looking for and much more.


What's in my store Amazon product's, ever since I discovered Amazon.  I check it whenever I need a new product and want to find honest reviews and read about other people's experiences.  At least 80% of the products that I buy come from Amazon.  If your  having a difficult time finding hair products, and styling tools then check out my Amazon Store.  It will take the load of you and make it easy to find everything in one place.  

Start creating your total package today!!

Natural Joyanne

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