I live on one of the beautiful Islands of the Bahamas, and I'm totally obsessed with hair. I've always had a love affair with hair and I've experimented with it from I was about 10 years old or younger.  One of my other passions is writing music lyrics.  Check out a song that I wrote called "My Inabilities" in the video below. 

I really enjoy being able to express my talents, blogging about my hair journey and sharing my hair experiences.  People are always asking me for hair care advice, or trying to find out how I'm able to create all of my changing hairstyles and looks.  I feel really blessed that God has given me these talents and that I'm able to share it with people.

I'm so passionate about hair, that I've even taken cosmetology classes at my local technical school.  Through experimenting with my hair, doing others hair, studying, and reading information online and in books.  I'm able to provide natural and relaxed hair care advice.

Me in Cosmetology Class mixing my own hair products.

Pictures of some of the hairstyles I've done.

Twisted updo.

Layered haircut on mannequin and feathered curls.

Haircut I did on relaxed hair.

Creative Hairstyle on Mannequin.

Braided Hairstyle.

Wig I created and styled.


Twisted Hairstyle.

Natural Joyanne 

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