Natural Hairstyles

TWA (Tiny Weeny Afro)

The simple TWA (tiny weeny afro), it's how your hair looks as it grows out.  

Small Braids, and Braid Out.

When you want to change up your look and your tired of twist and twist outs, then you can opt for braid outs.

The Rope Twist Twist-Out

This is the first time I ever tried the rope twists, after awhile I decided to untwist them and ended up with the best twist out ever.

Fluffy Big Twist Out

This is my favorite natural hair style, not only does it stretch the hair it also shows how full it is.  To create this style I usually twist my hair in medium sized twists, then unravel, fluff and go.

Twisted All Up

After my hair got really long and I flat ironed it, I was able to twist it in large twists. Swirl in what ever direction I like and pin it up in this royal do. A hairband always completed the look and took it to another level.

Twist & Bun

Nothing major here, just two simple twists, pinned to the side of a bun, and a goody head ban added to smooth the edges.

Comb Twist

My daughter has type 3 hair, so all I had to do to create this style was do medium size sections and secure with a rubber band.  Instead of using a comb to create the comb twists, I just use shea butter and my hand and kept twisting the hair round and round.

Huge Bun

With the proper care, natural hair can grow really long and your able to have a huge bun like mines, without using any extensions.

Simple Twists Swipe To The Side

Whenever I twisted my hair, instead of just letting them hang, I always pinned them to the side.  To frame my face better and give it a overall better look.

Flat Ironed and Curled

Whenever I wanted my hair flat ironed, I used my Sedu Flat iron to achieve this look.  Unfortunately for me I wasn't able to keep it straight for very look as it would revert later on that seem day.

Blowout, MoHawk & Side Braids

Talk about 3 styles in one, this is a perfect hairstyle for a hot summer day.  I blow dryed my hair with shea butter, and braided 3 braids on each side, to create a mohawk.

Eco Styler Gel Twist Out

When you have short type 4 hair, sometimes it's a challenge to get it defined, Eco Styler Gel to the rescue.  Check out the video for this style.

Frotanstic Afro

There is no other way to describe it, other than simply amazing. Type 4 hair is beautiful and can do many styles, when you blow it out.  Then you get to see the true length.

Blowdry, Twist & Braids On The Side

I've never do creative hairstyles like this on my self, but when I do other peoples hair.  Whatever creative style that comes to me I run with it.  The hair was shampooed, treated, blow-dried and twisted with my shea butter mixture.  Instead of doing twists on the side I opted for braids that I secured with rubber bands.

Blowout, Chunky Twist out & Braids

This is my favorite style, medium sized twist, with braids on the side, I added a head band to take this style to a whole new level.

Blown Out Afro Puff With Feather Accessory

When you wear your next afro, turn it up a bit with a beautiful accessory.  I took a waist belt that came of a top and turned it into a simple hair accessory.

Flat Ironed Type C Hair Ponytail Mohawk

Type B or C hair doesn't need to be relaxed, with the proper products, and the right flat iron.  Your able to get that straight look without frizz.

Curls & Braids

Half braids in the front and the hair left out in the back, is a easy way to achieve braids without committing to braiding your hair all over.

Blow Out, Medium Twist Out, Spray Color

So Since I'm to scared to put color in my hair, for fear of dry brittle damage hair.  I decided that I would just spray some gold hair color spray in the front just to add some spice.  It only lasts a day for me, once you sleep on it it wears of.

Blow Out, Medium Twist, and Pinned To The Side

Since my hair is still really short, when I blow it out I twist it and do twist outs sometimes.  This is one of the ways that I'm able to show of my true length.  To make it more stylish and frame my face better I like to pin the sides. 


Old Twist Out Turned Afro Puff

After you've worn your twist out for awhile and it's gotten old you can just remist it with a little water and turn it into a afro puff.

Curly Mohawk

Instead of putting your hair in 1 or 2 ponytails, try 4.  Doing 4 or even three ponytails in the middle create a mohawk, without having to braid or pin the sides.

Creative Braiding

I remember when I couldn't braid at all, but this year I've really excelled with my braiding techniques.  After getting a few techniques from my classmates at cosmetology school.  Practicing on my mannequin hair, my hair and a few live models.  I'm able to come up with some pretty amazing designer braided styles.

Creative Braiding

I decided to start braiding my daughters hair more often, I never did it before because I didn't know how and her hair is really difficult to catch.  Her hair is very fine and this time and blow dried her hair, which I think made it more difficult to catch.  Plus I started letting my nails grow, so I had to figure out how to braid with nails.  In all I think I came up with something creative and unique.  

What's your favorite style????


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