Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nature's Gate Acne Treatment Review

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I tried out Nature's Gate Acne Treatment System and Body Wash after I had my baby in 2009. My acne had gotten out of control with my first child and now I was experiencing the same problem again. I needed something to clear up my skin, but I wanted it to be organic. I had acne on my face, my chest, arms and my back. So I decided to give nature's gate acne treatment a try.

How the Nature’s Gate Acne Treatment Body Wash Worked
The acne wash for the body worked great, it cleared up the acne I had on my chest, back and arms and it never returned.

How the Nature’s Gate Acne Treatment System Worked
The package comes with instructions similar to proactive, which I followed for 3 weeks and didn’t see a huge improvement in my face.

What I’m Using Now To Clear My Acne
I did alot of research in 2009 and came across a lot of natural alternatives that just didn’t work for me. Some you had to rub your face with salt, or apply honey to your face while you sleep. I tried those for awhile but it just wasn’t simple enough, all this just for clear skin. I kept on researching and came across PanOxyl Bar 5% - 1 bar which had great reviews on Amazon. I figured I had nothing to loose why not give it a try. My results turned out great, my face was cleared in about 2 weeks, however it dries your skin out. So I applied the Nature's Gate Moisturizing Body Lotion to my face as a moisturizer. After I ran out of the Nature’s Gate Moisturizing Body Lotion, I simply applied my home made moisturizer that I use for my hair which is made of shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and tea tree oil. I also dab Bragg - Apple Cider Vinegar, 16 oz liquid on a cotton ball and apply to face. My only problem area is my chin, that is where I get these really huge pimples. If I simply stick to the yeast free diet then I don’t get the pimples on my chin.

Giving Nature’s Gate Another Try
In 2010 I was still using the peroxide soap and had been on the yeast restricted diet for 2 months. Since the peroxide is drying to the skin and my face was much improved I would give Nature’s Gate Acne Treatment System another try. I made sure it wasn’t expired and gave it another go. I I used the nature's gate acne treatment for several days and it was keeping everything in control. After 3 weeks it didn't work anymore, so I had to return to using the benoxyl peroxide soap.

My Overall Review of Nature’s Gate Acne Treatment
The body wash I would give 4 1/2 stars out of 5, because it worked really great. Once all the acne on my back, chest and arms was cleared it never returned which was a plus.  Check out reviews at Amazon here
Nature's Gate Organics Acne Body Wash

The treatment for the face I would give 2 1/2 stars, my acne was so severe that it only worked a little bit. There are a lot of people who saw great improvement with this product but it simply didn’t work for me.
Check out reviews at Amazon Nature's Gate Organics Acne Treatment System

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