Thursday, March 8, 2012

Safe Organic Hair Dye

Product DetailsI've never been a big fan of changing up my hair color, only after seeing Viola Davis new hair color I gave it some thought.  I'm still not into putting bleach in my hair to achieve a lighter color, but sometimes you may want to darken your existing color.  To do that you can use semi-permanent hair dye's plus there are safe permanent organic dye's you can use.

I came across a article that you can read here, but I'm just going to list the resources that was recommended and one that they didn't that I tried before.

Organic At-Home Hair Dye's

The hair dye that wasn't mentioned that I used a long time ago was Naturtint  in 1N.  I didn't continue using it, because I was to lazy to dye my hair although I prefer a jet black look instead of my natural hair color which is off black.  I found it at the Wholefoods store when I was away and shopping in Ft. Lauderdale and figured it must be safer than the dye's that I found at the beauty supply store.  It did dye my hair black and it didn't have a strong odor.  All of these dye's mentioned above have no Ammonia and doesn't contain other harsh chemicals.  To achieve the lighter colors you would have to start of having naturally lighther hair or have bleach in your hair.  If you don't then the color would not be the seem as what you see on the box, but it will still change your hair color a bit.  

Before applying any of these products to your hair and skin you should read the ingredients and instructions and determine if it is safe for you.  Always do a patch test like recommended to see if you have any allergies.

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