Sunday, September 12, 2010

Zuzu Makeup

In my journey to go natural I decided to purchase some natural makeup, so I picked up my first Zuzu Luxe Dual Powder Foundation from the wholefoods organic store about 3-4 years ago. I purchased the liquid foundation in L-19 and Dual Powder Foundation in D-20. The problem I had with this makeup was when I wore the liquid with the press powder it didn't cover all of my imperfections which was disappointing. But I already spent my money on the product and decided that I was going to continue wearing it. When I wore the press powder by itself that covered my face better. I was determined not to go back to wearing other makeup and continued wearing it up until this year, but April I heard a makeup expert on TV say that black women need to wear creme foundations which is a better cover up than liquid. So then I did something I didn't want to do, I purchased a posner creme to press powder makeup. Yes the creme makeup did work better, but it wasn't my color and it surely wasn't natural. I wore it just a few times when I had a special event to attend.

I decided that there is know way that I'm going to be wearing any makeup unless it is natural, so I was running low of my zuzu press powder D-20 and decided to reorder it. So instead of getting my previous color I got D-24 which is a darker shade. And surprisingly it covered my face very well, it covered the acne scars some of my small moles and decreased my pores. I'm still not sure it's exactly my color but very close. I love it.

My face before I applied makeup

My face after I applied the makeup Zuzu press powder D-24

For more information check the link below

I also tried the zuzu luxe mascara and there eye pencil before and I liked it, but I'm out.

I'm doing research now on organic makeup for black women and came up with some great results, will be trying products soon.

J. Roache

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