Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flat Ironed Natural Hair Hairstyle Twisted & Pinned Up

I recently got my hair redone at the salon, but decided to take the twists out and flat iron it.  I'm so overwhelmed right now about my hair, because as it gets longer it takes more time and patience to detangle.  By straightening it when I'm ready to wash it in a month I won't have as much detangling to do before I wash.  After flat ironing it I twisted it in medium sized sections, braided the ends so it doesn't unravel and pinned it up into a style in the back.  I'm pleased with the style, but I will have to smooth the front of my hair.  To hide the front of my hair I'm wearing headbands.  With this hairstyle I will have to redo it when it starts to frizz and comb out the detangles and retwist it when needed.  This is a low maintenance hair style.

I loved the way the hairstylist twisted my hair and she is a really lovely person, she also knew a little about the products that I'm using.  I won't be going back to her to detangle my hair because I realized that only me has the patience to detangle my hair.  So that means that for right now I'll try to flat iron every month.  When I flat ironed it this time it was a little pass 12 inch, but I had to clip some of the ends because of the knots.  Check out how my hair came out below in the pictures.   

Natural Joyanne

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  1. Beautiful! Your hair looks like a rose!