Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Exercising To Hip Hop Abs

HIP HOP ABS Package - Fat Burning Cardio, Ab Sculpt, Total Body Burn, Secrets to Flat AbsHi you guys I want to talk to you about what I do for my work out and if you look at my picture you will see that I have my hair pulled back with a head band.  Yes you guys it is important to pull that hair out of the way, now I can't give you any advise about sweating.  I don't sweat, strange but I'm not dripping sweat when I'm finished with my work out.  The exercise routine I usually do is to a DVD called Hip Hop Abs it came in a set but I do the Fat Burning Cardio.  I don't have that much fat or any fat at all, but I love this work out it helps to relieve the pain in my back.  If I keep working out to this DVD I just may have great abs by summer.

Hair pulled up with a band to exercise.

Natural Joyanne

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