Monday, February 7, 2011

No Longer Can I Wash My Natural 4a Hair In Braids

I'm truly disappointed by this, because washing my hair in braids saved me alot of time, but I finally see that I can know longer do this.  My hair was getting clean before, but that is not the case know.  When I tried washing my hair in braids over the weekend, there still was dirt in the top part of my hair.  You can see this was dirt that left my scalp, but couldn't make it's way down my hair and into the drain.  So this is what I had to do.

1)  So I had to loose out each large braid I had 10 in my hair, and turn them into twist.  I secured each one with my hair clips.

2)  When I got in the shower I rinsed my hair all over with the twists still secured by the clips. 

3)  Starting from the back I took 1 twist down at a time.

4) Each section I separated it lightly with my fingers applied water, then applied shampoo (Giovanni Smooth As Silk Shampoo) and thorougly washed that area concentrating on the scalp.

5) I used Kimmaytube from Youtube Buffer Technique, where she smooths out the shampoo out the hair, then apply conditioner, so that the hair doesn't have that strip feeling and reduces tangles.

6) Then I rinsed my hair and applied the conditioner (Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner, then I detangled with my large detangling comb working from the ends up.

7)  Then I left the conditioner in that part, twisted it back and moved onto the next section.  I did this all over untiil I finished my whole head.

8)  Then I took each section out 1 at a time rinsed it and twisted it back.

This took me 1 hour total.

Natural Joyanne

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