Monday, June 6, 2011

My Products Wish List

Yeah, I'm always looking for products to enhance what I've got to work with and after loads and tons of research followed by sleepless nights these are the products that I would like to try.

1) A facial steam, the Conair Facial Sauna Systems with Timer or Revlon Steamer look like a great choice.  I seriously need one of these my husband is always telling me I need to go to the sauna to help clean out my pores.  So I decided to do my own experiment, I stayed in my shower for a long time and repeatedly put the hot water on my face gently with my wash clothe and I saw a major improvement right away.  

2) A Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System no I'm not talking about a 3 step wash, astringent and toner, I'm talking about some brush cleaning action for your face instead of using your hands.  I decided to wash my face really really well and also saw a major improvement right away so I know I need one of these.

3) Caruso Steam Roller's SetCaruso Professional Molecular Steam Hair Rollers with Shields, Jumbo (6-pack)  I was researching eliminating split ends when flat ironing, and came across the maxi-glide which uses a steam burst to treat your hair with some steam action.  That's when I came across the Caruso steam rollers, I will be doing some of my own experiments to see what results I get.  I'm also going to make sure I buy the jumbo rollers.

4) Hair One Olive Oil Cleansing Conditioner I'm sort of new to washing with conditioner and decided to try it for the first time with my Giovanni deep moisture conditioner, I liked it of course because I didn't have the drying affect from the shampoo.  Everyone hates that, my hair wasn't as clean as I would like it, but I gave it a try anyway.  I hope I get good results with this stuff, it seems that from the reviews I read you still have to clarify with shampoo but that's probably if you add alot of product to your hair.  This will be another experiment for me, I'll have to see what works with this product.

5) And Lastly Zuzu Concealer I'm going to have to decide between C-10 and C-14.  I've never really purchased a concealer until recently, because my chin has suffered so much from these huge bumps.  So even though I prefer to just wear organic makeup, I purchased some Posner Concealer because that is all that was available to me where I live and it did a better job at covering up my imperfections than just my liquid and powder could do.

Since I'm going away to Florida, I'll check out Sally, Target, Walmart and Wholefoods for the products above.  I may not be able to get the Facial Steamer and Olay Cleansing Brush in stores.  It seems from my research that there only sold online.  I'll also be stocking up on some of my beauty supplies, seeing that most of what I'm using can be found in the store that I'm going to.

I'll post my reviews of the products when I've tried them.

So have you started your beauty list, if not you better get right on it.

Natural Joyanne


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