Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Black Tea Rinse For Shedding and Breakage

Black Tea Rinse For Shedding and Breakage


I don't have alot of shedding just on wash day's, which I've stated in a few of my recent posts, but on wash day's it get's crazy.  Usually when I'm done washing my hair and conditioning and it's time to detangle that's when it get's crazy.  I usually detangle my hair properly before I wash my hair, so you would think there would be no shedding yeah think again.  It's usually a small ball about as round as a quarter when I ball it all up, my hair is really long so I shouldn't panic to much.  I have had mishaps during my natural and relaxed journey, by doing different things with my hair that caused me to loss alot of hair.  So then I would decide not to do that anymore, use precaution for next time and fix the problem.

The Tea I bought

I went to one of the local grocery store and found a pack called Pampa Black Tea has 100 tagless bags for $1.39.  Yeah so cheap, and will last long. 

How To Do The Rinse

Thank God for Youtube, because I got most of my instructions from there.  I also check out www.ehow.com when I'm not sure for instructions but there wasn't any for this as a rinse for shedding.
So this is what I will do.
* Boil enough water to rinse your entire head and hair.
* Place 2 bags in the hot water and let it boil a little bit more or take the hot water of and then place the 2 bags in and let it steep for a while.  
*Let the water cool down.
*Shampoo or Conditioner Wash your hair as normal. Rinse hair clean.
*Then apply the black tea rinse to hair and scalp you can massage it a little in the scalp if you like.
*Let the rinse sit on your hair for 20 minutes and then rinse out and apply your moisturizing conditioner.  Or apply moisturizing conditioner to your hair before you rinse the black tea out. 

I will be back with my results, can't wait.

Natural Joyanne

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  1. Great information about the Black Tea Rinse.

    Have you tried the Take Down Remover Cream to detangle hair?

    It really prevents hair shedding and breakage immensely when detangling natural hair or matted tangled hair.