Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Switching Relaxers Phytospecific to ORS


I thought that the Phytospecific Relaxer was going to stay with me for the rest of my relaxed journey, however I have several hair goals


1) Less breakage on wash days.
For some reason I have alot of shedding and breakage on wash days and it's been that way before I relaxed, I was extra careful with my natural hair.  But when I was natural I only washed every month, then every two weeks then every week at the ending of my natural hair journey. Just this Sunday I conditioner washed my hair, then decided that I really needed to relax my hair so I decided to wet it again wash with shampoo, treat it all in preparation for the relaxer.  Well I sure lost alot of hair, my hair was matted really bad, it's only been matted like this one other time when I was natural and I used a shampoo I had never used before on my hair without braiding it in four first.  I washed my hair out, big mistake.  I've recovered from hair mistakes I made before, I'm thinking that in another 6 months the hair that was broken will big longer.  But since I have alot of hair, it's still thick.

2) Length
I have a length goal for my hair and it's getting there, just have to fix this hair lost on wash day's that has battled me since day one of my hair journey natural and relaxed.  The length I want is for my hair in the front to be just below my breast, then I will have to trim it more regular to maintain the length.


1) Hair Treatment That Strengthens Hair
After trying the Queen Helene I think that this is the treatment for my hair for now, it made my hair much stronger than the ORS Replenshing Conditioner and minimize the split ends.
2) More Moisture
I achieved this, however I really don't like the moisture and seal method it ruins my hairstyle and is time consuming for me.  Doing pin curls and putting my hair in a bun kept my hair from tangling, but protective styles only cause more shedding and breakage for me.

3) Less Heat
I used rollers for a long time, like 2 months instead of heat and found out that using snap on rollers where easier with or without the snaps.  Only started switching to flat ironing more recently because of the humidity and tangles.

Now lets talk about the mean topic switching to ORS Relaxer, I'm going to try this relaxer to see if it will eliminate the hair loss I have on wash day's.  I believe that since the Phytospecific relaxer texlaxed my hair, it is making it difficult to be detangled when wet when the new growth comes in.  The ends of my hair isn't that difficult to detangle just the roots.  Doesn't sound like it makes sense, but I'm going to try the relaxer and see if it will make a difference.  Before relaxing I considered cutting my natural shorter so I wouldn't have to deal with it as much.  But it was hard to give up the length so vanity won in the end.  I also believe that stretching isn't for me, I need to stretch to 2 months and 2 weeks perhaps and just do a small touch up to the roots.  So far the first relaxer I made it to 4 months and this time to 3 months.  Now that I know to base my scalp and just do touch's ups I won't be exposing myself to the chemicals anymore than I need to.  Will post my results.

Natural Joyanne

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