Saturday, January 14, 2012

More About My Big Chop Part 1

I remember thinking to myself boy my hair has gotten so long and not even thinking that it would grow to this length.  I loved it and liked wearing it out and showing it of, but if only people knew how much love and attention I gave my hair they might think I was crazy.

I looked around at different women black and white who I knew or saw every other day, friends, family and people I met every other day here and their.  Once they had long hair and then all of sudden they cut their hair of.  They just wanted a change, something easy.  

When I really decided to cut all my beautiful long once natural, then texlaxed and only recently relaxed hair of, was when I was having a intimate conversation with my husband.  We where on our way back to the Bahamas from are annual Thanksgiving shopping from Florida.  I was telling him how I really wasn't in to all the work with my hair anymore and was just going to wear a wig for awhile.  Surprisingly he said to me I liked your hair the most when it was natural.

I thought to myself, ok it's time to let go of this hair that I'd being wearing on my head for awhile.  Give up the long time spent doing my hair and put it towards other things, more time with the kids, writing my songs, etc.  It will take time to grow back, but I'm ok with it.  So I went in my bathroom one night and cut of the thick braids that I was going to wear under the wig.

It feels good right now just letting the water run down my hair every day or every other day and letting my scalp enjoy the water.  I'm looking forward to using more moisture in my routine, which is something my hair went without for like a month sometimes.  Boy it's a wonder how my hair hold up and still grew, is it that my natural hair is strong no matter what.  Or the Shea Butter.

I'm looking forward to my new journey and being free to do whatever I want with my hair when I want to do it.

Natural Joyanne

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