Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zerran Reallisse Vegan Hair Smoothing System

Zerran RealLisse<sup>TM</sup></strong>

I came across another new hair straightening product that not only claims to be formaldehyde free but free of all chemicals.  It is vegan free.  Check out this article about how it was tested to insure that it is indeed formaldehyde and chemical free.  You can also check out the Zerran Company website.  

Now this product is not to be confused with Zerran Reform Natural Hair Straightening System.  I saw the Zerran Reform Natural Hair Straightening System on YouTube last year, and was interested, but it was not sold at retail.  The Zerran Reallisse Vegan Hair Smoothing System isn't sold at retail either, but the website has salons who provide the service.  I'm guessing the salon's will be charging a lot to have this done, but it claims that it can last from 2 to 4 months.  It is a 100% vegan free formulation which includes wheat, corn and oat proteins and no keratin or other animal products.  It is Dermatologically tested and there is no need to where gloves or masks and can be used on hair that is colored or bleached.  You can check out the Youtube video below showing how it is applied.  I don't like how many passes you have to do, although after the first slow past, the rest is suppose to be very quick.

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