Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Design Essentials Natural Hair Products

So the Design Essentials Natural Hair Product's has been around a long time and I've seen ad's all over the internet, but it grabbed my attention when I saw a ad for it in the Sophisticate's Black Hair Book.

I decided to check out their website which gave a list of the natural hair product's, ingredient's, description and how to use the products. The product's are pricey the Natural Curl Cleanser is $15.90 for the 8oz.  

If you've seen this product and don't know how it works then you got to check out their Youtube Page.  It has some really neat instructional videos, showing you how to use the product, what style to do and the outcome.  See two of the video's below:

Their videos left me inspired, I think it's great to offer a product and also show customer's how to properly use them.

Popular Youtuber CharJay did a review on these products and also did a followup video using one of the products check the videos out below.  

Natural Joyanne


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