Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miss Jessie's Introduces New Salon Curl Bar

Miss Jessie's Introduces a New Salon Curl Bar no appointment's needed opened Monday through Friday 10am-6pm telephone 212-966-5600.  If you make an appointment it will be honored before walk-ins.  The Salon offers quick salon services at great prices, no coloring and no chemicals.  No deposit is needed to make appointment and you won't be charged if you cancel your appointment, but a courtesy notice is appreciated.  The Curl Bar is located 441 Broadway Suite 2, Soho, NYC 10013.  Products are also available for purchase there.  Check out the site here for more information and pricing.  Ladies you know what this means right, if you live in the United States then the Salon just may be branching out to a city near you.  How I envy you guys, because I really would like to get my hair professionally done.

Natural Joyanne


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