Thursday, April 19, 2012

Get Kelly Rowlands Curly Look

So I've had some practice so I know what I need.  I want a wig or to create a wig that is similar to how my natural hair was or that has beautiful curls, but it needs to be great quality and easy to manage.  Watching Taren on Youtube showing of her wig that she had custom made by Hair Rules only set the fire under me to find away to create my own.

So then my search began and ended into 2:30am last night, but I think I've found some leads that you guy's would appreciate.  One of the sites is a new one I found, but the other I've been checking for awhile.

I got a lead from Essence online to check out this site if you wanted Kelly's look.  This was the link to the hair that they felt match similar to what Kelly Rowland's is wearing.  After checking it out I checked some other styles that they have.  I also realized that their hair has been worn by alot of celebrity's, so I checked it out.  Then I found Teyana Taylor listed and the hair they said she used is the Bounce Deep Wave.

Now I want to share a great site I came across recommended by a hairstylist on Youtube that is very passionate about her work.  The site is called Halleyscurls, check out their fotki album with tons of women wearing the hair and giving reviews.  Also check them out on twitter for customers honest feedback.  I will be purchasing the creole curly to achieve the wig that I want.  With quality hair like this you should sew it onto the wig cap.  I'm going to try and  make the wig with 3 packs of hair.  I may need 4 but I don't know if I can afford it.

I will also be purchasing my wig cap, t-pins, etc to help me create the wigs from goldenmartbeautysupply.

Hope this inspires you to get a curly look for the summer.

Natural Joyanne

Photosources: kelly rowlands picture

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