Monday, April 23, 2012

New Products to Treat Drandruff and Buildup

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So I finally decided it was time for me to purchase the Just Natural Shampoo and Conditioner For Dandruff.  I've been suffering from a dry build up on my scalp for awhile.  Honestly I don't know what to do about it.  I tried doing research, but I can't really say I even knew where to begin.  I tried figuring out what do I need to do. Oil my scalp more, more deep moisturizing conditioning, oil treatments.  What ever information I did find it still left me confused.

So I've been checking the site out for awhile and the prices kept me away, but some of the bottles are 16oz.  I read some positive reviews on the site, but it seems the reviews where emailed to them and then they posted them on their site.  It isn't direct feedback.  So I will have to see if these products work.  Another reason I bought them is because they are gluten free and don't contain anything in it that I'm allergic to.  If I do use products that have stuff in them that I'm allergic to in the future it won't be on my head, and I'll have to wear gloves.

Products from

I sent a email to customer service at butters-n-bars asking for their help about my dry, and dirty scalp.  Sharika recommended that I use the Nourishing Herbal Hair Masque.
I did read a few places that deep conditioning often can also help with a dry scalp and hair.  I found several reviews on Youtube where lady's said that they loved the masque, they said that it defined their curls and made their hair soft.  I'm taking that since it made their hair soft that it was detangled.  Since the mask is really thick it is recommended that you add your favorite conditioner to make application easier and less mess.

Products from local health store

Although we have a place over here that sells some natural and organic stuff, they don't always have what you want.  However, I was lucky today to find Dove Shampoo and Conditioner at the store.  The reason I bought them is because I learnt that Dove shampoos and conditioners are gluten free.  I need these as cheap alternatives, in case I run out of the expensive stuff.  Also to use on my daughters hair and on any hair wig or pieces that I may be wearing.  What I've read if you can't eat wheat or have a gluten intolerance and it's in your beauty products you can still feel sick.  The shampoo containing wheat can make your hair dry, clog your follicles and your hair can even fall out.

I'll post updates about my experience with these products.

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