Monday, May 28, 2012

Eat Healthy For Your Body and Hair

Over the last 4 years I've changed a lot of the products and different ways I do my hair to obtain healthy hair.  It has allowed my hair to strive, but I also exercise and eat healthy as much as I can.  Which I know is also benefiting my hair.  I also drink a lot of water instead of fruit drinks and sodas.  I made a healthy lemonade to go with this meal, instead of using sugar I used Stevia.

Here are pictures of a healthy meal I did recently.

bake fish with olive oil, potatoes, red and yellow pepper, onions and tomatoes

bake pumpkin with cinnamon, butter and organic sugar

vegetable stir fry using olive oil carrots and zucchini

baked pumpkin seeds, these didn't come out the way I like

Gluten free sugar cookies

Hope this inspires you to eat more healthy.

Natural Joyanne

Disclaimer:  I am not a health professional, I'm just sharing with you want my diet usually consist of.  You should consult with a professional dietician or watch your intake based on your age, height and if you have any diseases.  

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