Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gelish Color Pink

So since my birthday and mothers day was fast approaching I decided to have my nails polished again with the gelish color.  I got them done on the 10th, May 2012.

I treated myself to a pedicure like 2 weeks earlier and had my toes polished this seem pink, because I knew I would be returning to the nail salon to do my nails the same color.

Last time I got the gelish color done it lasted 1 week and half on my nails.  This time it is lasting a bit longer, I just may make it this time to 2 weeks without a whole color lifting up.  My toes lasted from February 22nd, 2012 to April 26th, 2012, that's right two whole months.  I didn't care for a color change so I just clipped any nail or polish that cracked to prevent it ruining the rest of the nail.

Natural Joyanne

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