Friday, May 11, 2012

It's The Weekend Hair Inspiration May 11th, 2012

So for those of you who are relaxed or texlaxed I wanted to post some inspiration for you.

What I Think About Relaxing Your Hair

Relaxing your hair is still a debated topic among the natural hair community.  Either because of the chemicals or because it may mean to some that you are trying to be what your not.  The reason I stopped relaxing the first time was because I wanted to avoid the harsh chemicals, then I relaxed for a second time after being natural for several years.  Thinking it would make managing my hair easier.  To avoid the chemical exposure as much as I could I decided I wouldn't relax as often.  Not applying the chemical directly to my scalp and not rinsing it of in the shower with the relaxer running down my body.  I also started of with a less toxic relaxer.  Yes lady's it is possible to have healthy hair while relax, I thought it wasn't possible.  Now I know it is from experience.

Things You Should Know About Relaxed Hair

In my opinion even if you use the right caution with the chemicals your only going to avoid some exposure, but you are still being exposed to the chemicals.  Relaxing can become a lot of maintenance, there are some steps that I had to do while relax to have healthy hair that I didn't have to do while natural.  Like often protein treatments and worrying more about damage.  Also I found that with my texture, managing the two textures was not for me.  People with a looser curl pattern, may be able to manage their hair better when the new growth comes in.

So What Then

There are a lot of modern techniques to care or change our hair texture, so do what you feel and what works for you.  However try to keep chemical exposure to a minimum because your health is always more important.  There are a lot of more modern techniques that I'm discovering that don't use the ingredients found in most relaxers, or formaldehyde to straighten your hair.  Guess what it only straightens your hair temporarily so that you can go back to your curls.  No I'm not talking about a flat iron, because when you have type 4 hair the flat iron doesn't always work.

What do you think, are you completely against relaxing?

Natural Joyanne

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