Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Curly Girl Experience

After my first try with the Curly Girl Method
So I decided to give the curly girl method a try, but since I don't have much hair I wondered how my hair would even benefit.

What POSITIVES I noticed after only one week

1)  A few defined curls without using gel
2) Hair was more moisturized when water was applied.
3) My hair was not as tangled when water was applied.

What NEGATIVES I noticed

1)  None really.

Will I continue to do this method

No, the reason is because my hair is so short I can't really benefit from it.  I do notice that leaving the conditioner in your hair over time your hair becomes softer and easier to detangle.  Then again I did recently purchase some new products from Just Naturals Skin Care which weren't drying to my hair.  But I didn't like how dry my hair was when water wasn't on it, which is something short hair naturals with my hair texture suffer from.

I noticed that for me after having my hair braided for 2 weeks, doing a conditioner wash the first week and continually spraying water everyday, applying kinky curly knot today as a moisturizer and oil to seal.  That my hair was super soft when I took the braids out.  My only problem is that when my hair is braided that long the oil, sweat and dirt that comes from my scalp isn't able to entirely make it's way out of my hair from some areas where the braid is when I do the conditioner wash.  I also know that there is buildup on my hair that isn't able to get out of my hair when it is rowed back.  However, this is the similar technique I used at first when I went natural before.  Only this time I don't have a tight weave in, I'm moisturizing more, conditioner washing and taken the braids out more often.

So I will be sticking with my easy routine that works for me for now.

Natural Joyanne

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