Monday, June 4, 2012

The Curly Girl Method Does Work My Daughters Journey

I decided to try the curly method on my hair, but knew after reading about it that it would be perfect for my daughters hair.

The pictures below shows how my daughters hair looks before I do the curly girl method.  This is how her hair looks in the afternoon when she comes home from school, I know it looks frizzy, but her curls are starting to coil more.

The picture below shows how her hair looks when I do the curly girl method on her hair without having to use gel.  I rinse her hair with water, then I apply giovanni conditioner to her hair.  I detangle her hair in sections using my fingers only, because of her hair type I have to do this every day or every other day.  I leave the conditioner in her hair.

After I noticed how dry my daughter hair is in the evening when she comes home from school, I decided to add a oil mixture to her hair.  The picture below shows how her hair looks in the evening, since I started adding the oil after applying water to refresh her hair in the morning and leave in.

Because my daughter doesn't like sleeping with anything on her head and sometimes I do her hair to late to allow it to dry it doesn't always look the seem in the morning.  So I refresh it with water, or add some leave in.

I no longer have to use a brush, or comb to style her hair.  Which means that after awhile her curls will continue to become less frizzy and more define.  The method is very easy to do, the more you do it the hair won't be as tangle, even though you are just using your hands to finger detangle.

We were at the beach this week Saturday and Sunday and her curls where popping.

Natural Joyanne

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