Friday, July 27, 2012

New Hair Products

So I purchased some new hair products as well as other products that I was out of. 

Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner
The Giovanni smooth as silk deeper moisture conditioner has been a favorite of minds now for at least 2 years.  Every time I run out or if I'm running low I have to restock it.  Right now I'm using it on my daughters hair and my Onyc Monogolian Kinky Hair Wig to do the curly girl method.  It came with two coupons which I hope to use when I travel to the US again. They expire next year.

Nylon Weaving Thread
I don't know if any of you know but they have a different type of weaving thread then the thick one.  There is another type of weaving thread which is nylon.  It is much thinner, now when I was purchasing it I didn't realize how big it was in size.  It has alot of thread and will last me a long time.  I purchased the thread from Sally's and got a $5 off coupon.

Just Naturals Dry Hair Lotion And Adult Acne Facial Soap
So I'm really pleased with the dandruff shampoo and conditioner I purchased from Just Naturals.  So I decided to purchased their dry hair lotion and acne facial soap.  The dry hair lotion doesn't really do much for my hair while it is out.  It may feel better when I decide to row my hair back in braids or when it becomes longer and I have it in twists or twist outs.  Now it works great on my daughters 3c hair.  It leaves the hair soft but with a soft hold almost like gel and defines her curls.  I'm using african black soap on my acne, but I'm also using the acne soap form Just Naturals.  I notice that by washing my face in the morning and evening instead of the African Soap, that my face isn't as dryed out.  I'm still applying the African Black Soap to my face in the evening as a acne treatment.  Check out the post I did about African Black Soap as a acne treatment.

Tweezerman Professional Pimple Extraction Tool
The last product I purchased is not for your hair it is a acne tool used to clear out your pores.  I find that my clearing out the acne with this tool it doesn't leave marks on your face like when you use your nail.  There are times when you have pimples that just don't go away.  That is where this tool comes in.  I purchased one that was a little cheaper and it didn't do a good job and it left marks on my face.  On the side of the extraction tool I have a free gift I received, but I don't know what I'm suppose to do with it.  There really tiny combs, I either can comb my eyebrows with them or when I'm creating wigs I can comb the small area near the top of the track.  I don't remember if I received it from the company I got the pimple extraction tool from or from Sally's.

All the products where purchased through Amazon.

Natural Joyanne

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