Wednesday, August 29, 2012

African Black Soap to Treat Pimples Update

I wanted to do a update about my African Black Soap experience, check out my post about it here.  This will be a update about the affects of it on my skin.

After using two prescribed medicated acne creams from my doctor I wanted to switch to something more natural.  I decided on using African Black Soap.  It worked great for awhile, but it dry's your skin out.  What it is amazing for is how simple a rountine it is, it drys out pimples and removes died skin.

I had to stop using it because it was really drying out my skin and making the dark circles under my eye look worst.

So since I still have the Alba Botanica acne treatment products, cleanser, toner, spot treatment and moisturizer.  I decided I'd use them to replenish the lost moisture from using the African Black Soap.  So far so good, it's just that even though the Alba Botanica makes my skin smooth and helps fade old scars and reduce some of the pimples.  It doesn't get deep down to the acne under the skin, I have to clear those with my pimple extraction tool.  Or sometimes I can't do anything with them.

At the moment my face isn't 100% clear, I'm now wearing makeup everyday.  I decided to stay away from makeup for awhile, even though I have Afterglow Cosmetics which is mineral makeup and gluten free and isn't suppose to clog your pores or aggravate your pimples.  The makeup doesn't cover all my imperfections and since I have oily skin the makeup makes it worst.  I like the color of the makeup as it blends in well, but need something to control the oil.  At the moment I'm ok with my routine, I feel I'm in a good place and I like how I look.

Natural Joyanne

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