Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just Naturals African American Natural Hair Conditioner

I just purchased Just Naturals African American Natural Hair Conditioner.  This will be the fourth product that I've purchased from this company.  So far I love their Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner.  I've used a lot of the dandruff conditioner by itself to co-wash daily, but I leave the conditioner in my hair.  So I will be running out of it soon, so I decided to get the conditioner for black hair to try out this time.  

I also recently purchased their Dry Hair Lotion, which works really well on my daughters hair.  I wasn't so sure about it on my hair at first.  I tried it on my hair again recently, but I added a little water to my hair first.  Then I applied it to my hair all over and it did feel softer and I was able to detangle small sections that I applied an extra amount to.  Also I did two small twists using this product and applied my oil mixture and the twists came out really nice.  I'm really thinking of trying a twist and twist out all over with this product and see how it turns out.  I did chunky twists and a twist out on my hair like a month ago, but my hair didn't turn out to great.  There still where some relaxed ends on my hair, my hair didn't seem to have reached it's optimal moisture level and my hair was shorter.

Natural Joyanne

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