Monday, January 14, 2013

Cosmetology School Everyday Look Black Opal Makeup

This is my everyday look that I wear when I'm going to school, my face gets oily alot now, because some of my pores are enlarged.  I was using a organic mineral makeup called afterglow, but it was making my face look even more oily.  

So I decided to stop using it, I tried out Jane Iredale and it looked good on me.  My face was oily, but not as much and the color that I selected was to dark for my face.  I will only be able to wear it during the summer when I'm going to the beach and my face is darker.  

So I had to purchase Black Opal makeup foundation, powder, and blush.  I like how it covers all my imperfections and makes me look like a doll.  I use Envy by Kiss which is a very good mascara, it really lengthens your lashes.  I also purchased elf eyeshadow palette 32 piece cool eyeshadow.

Natural Joyanne

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