Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Recommend The ORS Professional Relaxer Normal Strength

When I decided to go natural I swore I wouldn't relax my hair again, but I gave in and broke my promise.  When I did decide to relax my hair and wanted to do it with something that was as natural as possible and wouldn't damage my hair.
 I found out all the information I needed to know to have long healthy relaxed hair.  So I purchased the Phytospecific Relaxer and relaxed my hair with it a total of about 3 times, and once with the No-Lye Ors Relaxer.  I got better results with the phytospecific relaxer, but both left my hair dry, but strong, perhaps because they where no-lye.  In the end I decided to just go back natural, out of fear of not finding the right stylist that would treat my relaxed and new growth with the care it needed.

Phytospecific Relaxer 

Ors No Lye Relaxer
I Recommend ORS Professional Relaxer In Normal Strength

If you are able to find a hairstylist that applies relaxers well and knows about how delicate black hair is then this is a great relaxer.  I decided to relax my hair with the No Lye in the box, but this is better if you know what you are doing.  You either need to be a professional, have professional knowledge about applying relaxers or done your homework.  As simple as not rinsing the relaxer from your hair enough times can ruin your hair.  I've used this relaxer on several clients hair and I recommend this.

I'm not completely against relaxers anymore, I think once you have a better understanding of the dangers and how to use it properly. Then you reduce the danger of damaged hair, follicles, risk of burns to your skin and overexposure.

What I Truly Like About This Relaxer

Once you apply the pre creme base to protect your clients scalp, and you apply very quickly if your client doesn't burn easy they won't have any burns.  However for people who have at least one area that burns easily or very sensitive scalp you have to do the sensitive areas last.  I did someones hair with this who has very sensitive scalp, afterward she had areas that where uncomfortable.  We  greased those areas, and she greased her scalp at home and she was fine.  I don't recommend this relaxer if you have very sensitive scalp though, you don't know what the long term affect would be.  I did notice that over time through her caring for her hair more, treatments, wrapping her hair up at night and moisturizing her hair. That her once difficult to manage hair, was easier for her to comb, and her new growth wasn't as difficult to manage.  I also notice that with other clients hair, that their hair wasn't breaking, or shedding as easily. As the new growth came in it was easier to manage.

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