Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saga Remi Remi Hair Wig I Made with Wand Curls

My saga remi wig hair has lasted me a long time, but the hair started to have a lot of split ends and is very frizzy.

I have a event to go to on Saturday, so I decided to bring life back to the wig by using my new Remington wand I picked up from Walmart.

So after alot of practice and interruptions I was still able to come up with something fierce.  I used ampro marcel curling wax, to get rid of the frizz, split ends and to hold the curls.  Then when I  finished curling the hair all over, I sprayed it with my motions light holding spritz.

My First Impression of This Wand

It gets really hot, curls super quick and creates awesome curls.  It has digital buttons to adjust the temperature that I like, you can lock  the temperature, so that you don't keep adjusting it.  An unlike my Sedu Flat Iron that I have had for almost 4 years now, it has a swivel cord.


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