Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Twist Out on 4a Hair Moisturize In The Shower

What's Up Natural Joyanne signing in.  I've had a busy 2 weeks and it's just getting more and more busy but fun.  I want to make sure that I post my styles so that it may help you.

I had my 4a hair twisted for 1 week and a half, I tried something different to keep my hair moisturized. I usually just apply my shea butter, coconut oil and tea tree oil mixture that I mix myself, and butters-n-bars hair oil.  What I did different was I applied water to the hair and scalp when I was in the shower.  I wore my shower cap and when I was finish cleaning up, then I would take the shower cap of apply water with hands to the hair and scalp and let my hair enjoy the steam.

I had a wedding to attend 2 weeks ago and I decided to do a twist out see my hair below.  This is how it looked after being moisturized with a little water from the shower and some steam.

Natural Joyanne

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