Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Does My 4a Hair Shed?

I've read it all over the place that our hair should shed what is I think like 50 strands a day, tell me when that sheds isn't it going to take for ever for that to grow back.  Listen I'm no expert on this matter and I don't understand what the articles are talking about.  My daughter hair rarely sheds if ever, she loses a minimal amount of hair.  So tell me why does my 4a hair shed?  It doesn't shed like patches of hair, but it sheds. 

So I decided to ask Just Natural some questions, I'm going to wait to see if they can give me a intelligent answer on the subject.  If not I'm going to research this some more to see if I can get some more information and a deeper understanding about this hair shedding business. 

Why I decided to ask them? There products are extremely expensive and seems to treat damage hair and stop follicle lost for those who are balding. So maybe they have the answer or some answers.  And for those prices I shouldn't have hair lost or any hair problems.

See my question that I sent to below.

How many hair strands should you shed a day?

I notice when I comb my daughters hair who is 6 years old and has soft, fine elongated curls her hair rarely sheds if any. Even from a baby it doesn't shed.

My hair is 4a, coarse, fine, brittle, and thick, every time I comb a small section there is shedded hair with the white follicle attached. I have small amounts of breakage, because my curls are so tight.

My baby boy who is only 16 months has hair very similar to my own and his hair sheds, but it's impossible for me to put as much care into his hair, because of his age. He tugs and pulls his hair and matts it up himself.

I'm using shea butter and coconut oil mixture on my hair that I mixed myself.

I use a natural afro hair detangler when I need to detangle.

I use a natural shea butter and honey shampoo and natural hair oil.

I treat my hair with a homemade mayo treatment.

I'm as gentle as I can be with my hair an use proper techniques.

I have to be on a restricted diet that requires me to only eat healthy foods, when I'm on the diet my hair is the same and when I'm of the diet it is the same.

I do have a unknown medical condition that my doctor thought was simply do to yeast overgrowth. Most recently we discovered that I can't eat certain foods, but I'm still not completely better. I'm trying to treat my problem using alternative methods. The most recent that I'm going to do is a metal detox.

My hair seems healthy, but why does 4a hair shed so much? Could it be my birth control pills, not enough vitamins, my water, my unknown health condition?

When your clients with 4a hair use your products together do they still experience shedding?

Can you help me?

Pictures of Me and My Kids Hair.
My daughters hair in the hairstyle that she wears the most when I detangle hardly no shedded hair.
So Cute (that date is wrong, pic taken 2010)

My Son his hair looks soft hair but when it is washed shedded hair in the water

To detangle this look lots of shedded hair

Had to add this so cute
In conclusion TO SHED OR NOT TO SHED.
Natural Joyanne

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