Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-4100PC

Olympus VN-4100PC - Digital voice recorder - flash 256 MB - black, silver I have a green and white notebook that I use to write most of my song ideas in and then I would type the complete song out on my computer and print it.  I still use the notebook every now and again but now I use my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder.  As a busy mom, it was becoming difficult to stop what I was doing and write my ideas down, also using the recorder am able to record the melody of what I want the song to sound like.  Sometimes I end up changing the melody when I go in search of a great beat.

I originally purchased it at Brandsmart for about $68.88, but you can buy a use Olympus VN-4100PC - Digital voice recorder - flash 256 MB - black, silver at Amazon for half the price.  What I love about this recorder is that it is light weight and easy to carry and only takes 2 AAA battery which lasts me a long time.  You have to remember to turn it of though, it doesn't have a off button which was can of strange to me.  It has a button on the left that says hold and you have to slide it up or down to turn it on/off. 

It comes in a nice black case, that hasn't even shown a sign of wear and tear, but I've only had it since 2009.  Another great thing is it can store alot of recording, it has 4 different folders. This is great because if your working on different projects you know which folder to go to.  On one of the folders I was able to store up to 100 recordings and they are usually under 2 minutes.  It also comes with a software that allows you to store and organize your recordings, I love that I can name the songs that I recorded.

My only negative is that when I sing into it sometimes the words are not that clear, but I love this recorder I get so much use out of it. 

Me Singing Into Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

Natural Joyanne

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