Monday, December 6, 2010

Braid Out On Flat Iron 4a Hair

I took my twists out to oil my scalp and moisturize my hair and didn't feel like retwisting them, so I braided my hair into two big plaits at the ends.  The next day when I took it out it seemed cute enough to wear just like that so that is what I did.  See the look below.

I liked the style so much that I decided to braid my hair in smaller sections, here are unedited videos showing how my hair look after I took the braids out.  I will be posting the edited video to youtube later.

I didn't have that much shedded hair even after wearing my hair out and it rubbing against my clothes, i did a video where I talk about the shedded hair and some new hair accessories and supplies I bought.
See you later.

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