Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunday Scripture Lesson and Church Look

Sunday December 5th Scripture Lesson
The Mean Topic was Power -The Ability To Do Mark 9:14-29 Eph 3:20-21
Sub Topics
1) The Spiritual Power Defined
*The Authority, Ability & Opportunity to do something on a spiritual level.
2) Spiritual Power Demonstrated
*Over demons deaf and mute spirits.
*Jesus power is demonstrated over diseases.
3) How do we get God's Power
*It is available to everyone.
*It is give to those who surrender themselves to his control.
*This power is given by the Holy Spirit from God.  And given for a specific & unique purpose.

My Look for Church

Dress - Walmart
Belt - Bodyc store last year
Pumps - Walmart had them awhile
Headband - A local beauty supply
Bracelet - A Gift
Earring Stubs - Came with a set from a local dress store
Shawl - Walmart

My daughter showing of her look.

From my closet.

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