Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Product Wish List Update

This is a follow up to the post I did about products I wanted to buy check it out here

Product's I've purchased so far from my list and what I think so far.

1) A cleansing facial brush I got from Sally's Beauty Supply I. Skin which is battery operated.  It cleansed my face properly within the first two weeks of having it and it still does, but it stopped working already.  I still use it I just move it in circular motions with my hand.  My skin has improved since using it, but it's no miracle to completely get rid of your pimples, blackheads, etc.  It does however clean better than just using your hands.

2) Hair One Cleansing Conditioner Olive Oil for dry hair, I really like this product, because shampoo just dried my hair out and I even did a review for this product on Youtube and posted it here on my blog.  Check it out

3) A facial steamer I got one from Revlon I've only tried it out once so far so I can't really say if it's made a huge improvement.

Products I didn't get yet.

1) Caruso Steam Rollers
2) Zuzu Concealer I didn't find one when I was away that match my complexion, the one I would like to try is the darkest one they have C-14.  I will consider buying that later.

So much for product wish lists for now, there are a few other things I have my eye on, but I'm trying to stay within a budget and not go product crazy.

Natural Joyanne


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