Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goody Jumbo Satin Rollers Review

Goody 16 Pcs Jumbo Satin Covered Rollers #45641I was so excited to finally get my satin foam jumbo rollers, but trying to roll them in my hair didn't turn out the way I in vision.  I kept thinking that this was going to fix my problem of having to use magnetic rollers.  And that I would be able to sleep on them which was a added bonus.  It didn't turn out that way.  It wasn't stretching my hair as tight as I wanted and if I tighten my hair on the satin roller it left a crinkle in my hair.  I may give it a go again, but I wasn't into the trouble and then just let my hair continue to air dry and flat ironed it since it had been awhile.  It did say to use on dry hair and I was applying it to semi wet hair, maybe that was the problem.

Natural Joyanne

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