Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brandy 18inches Lace Front Sassy Secrets

I've been checking this company out for awhile and I decided to take the plug and order one of their lace front wigs.  The wig I got is called Brandy she has a bang in the front and it is 18inches and the color is a 1b.  The wig that I'm wearing I can get a few more weeks with her.  But I so like bangs in the front that I had to get her.

She was already shipped to my shipping company and they will forward it to me in the Bahamas, so I will have a few more days.  I'm so excited, will post pictures when I get her and come back with updates about how she is doing.

Click this link to check her out.

Natural Joyanne


  1. I love bangs too,how is this wig going?Have you heard Orderwigsonline?My sister bought one from them,and she said it was very nice.

    1. i made this wig last hun, when i first got it it was straight and styled, when i wet it waved up, so i use to wet and mousse done everyday. then after it started getting really old, i relaxed it, now I only wear it if I have to go in the pool. Very nice wig construction. Never heard of orderwigsonline, I realize with my experience with this lace and all the mix reviews on youtube, that I wouldn't be buying another lace wig.