Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Made a Half Wig

Ok, so I enjoyed my short journey with texlaxed/relaxed hair, but now that I'm going back natural.  I need options of wigs/hair pieces to wear until my hair grows out.  So I had already spent hours online looking for a hair piece, I even purchased another lace wig, got it recently and only wore it like for 2 to 3 days.  Then I got the itch to try something, make my own half wig and pin a braid in the front so you couldn't see the track.  In the end it turned out great.  I don't have to take it of, it is so comfortable.  I don't even have to tie it down at night, and when I take showers I don't need a shower cap.  I will have to do a video on youtube to explain how I did this, this is a great option for newly naturals who have done the big chop.

What You Need

1) You need a wig cap with draw strings in the back, if you can find it with combs all the better.  

2) Sewing Hair Needle and Thread.

3) You will need the human hair of your choice I went with a corkscrew human hair blend style that I found at a local beauty supply store, I got 2 packs and used all of the hair.  The picture is just a example below.  I wanted something that resembled natural hair.

4) A mannequin head, may be helpful.

5) Hair pins.

6) Jumbo Braid or Bulk Yaki Hair to create braid for the front.

I will do a video soon to briefly explain what I did and show you the inside of the cap.

You can also find me here.

Natural Joyanne  

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