Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Information About My Big Chop Part 2: Confidence to Let the Hair Go

By Hair In 2008 when I did my first big chop

One of my last pictures with my relaxed hair it is 17inches here November 2011
While I was texlaxed I couldn't really do much videos on Youtube to show how I took care of my hair.  The reason was that my home computer stopped working, then my laptop stopped working.  I figured it needed a new battery so I sent away for that and it took like 2 to 3 weeks to come, because I live in the Bahamas.  Then when I finally got it my charger stopped working so I had to send away for that also which took another 2 weeks.  Before my home computer and my laptop gave out on me I couldn't do much Youtube videos because my camera and the Windows Video program on my laptop sucked.  So I really lost confidence in doing anything, and I didn't post anything for awhile because I just couldn't get my timing right with house work, a busy life, family events to attend and not feeling that well.

It's a new year so I decided that when the kids are at school that's when I'll work on my blog and when they come home that's when I'll take care of them and my housework.  It is truly working out great, I can also focus on my music and how I'm going to get it out there.

Any way let me update you about what went down, after awhile i felt like the texlaxed hair was still a problem to detangle.   So I decided to relax my hair all over again with ORS Relaxer Super.  My hair turned out great and I enjoyed that for a little bit.  I realized that I needed to comb my hair everyday so that on wash day it wouldn't be such a problem.  I found that using a large rake comb and growafrolong detangler did wonders for my hair.  But wash day trying to wash my super dense thick hair was still a problem even after just using Hair One Cleansing Conditioner which worked fine.

I found out that relaxed hair needed more maintenance than I was willing to give it, and one day my hand was in so much pain from the aches that I experience from health problems and then having my hand in my hair all the time I couldn't lift the pitcher to pour water for my son.  I was like you know what people cut their hair all the time and then let it grow back. So I did it, I was just going to braid it in huge braids and wear weaves for awhile, but then I didn't feel like doing the relaxer touch ups.  So I decided I'd cut it of and let it go back natural, no need to worry about where the relaxed and natural hair meets, or applying relaxer or the constant need to treat my hair, moisturizing and sealing every day, etc.

When I first started out my relax journey I wanted to do it the simple way, shampoo wash, condition, apply shea butter mixture every day, detangle, air dry and flat iron every 2 weeks.  But then I did some more research and found out that your hair needs to be washed more, it's needs more moisture, and roller sets are better than the flat iron.  I even decided I was going to do the GHE, which means I would only have to wash my hair once a month.  I would have to oil and put a moisturizing leave in every night, but that was to much work for me.

Right now it's a breeze doing my short hair and this half wig I created I'M LOVING IT.  This is a much needed break from my hair.

Natural Joyanne

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