Thursday, January 26, 2012

Treating Dry Sclap or Dandruff

So I've been plagued with this for awhile it is driving me crazy.  I never washed my hair much so I think I might have caused myself to develop a serious dry dirty scalp problem.  I've done so much research trying to figure out what to do, and I'm still lost.  But I did come across some facts lately that may solve my problem.


1)  A recent episode on Dr Oz, talked about Gluten being the cause to bloated stomach, headaches, and fatigue.  Not only did they discuss staying away from wheat, but using gluten free hair products.  Ok I haven't been tested for a gluten intolerance, but I did a food allergy test, and it showed that I should avoid wheat.  Since I've done my best to stay away from wheat or only eat a little, I no longer have a bloated stomach, but I still have headaches and fatigue.  I'm going to request a Gluten test when I go to my doctor next month, to find out for once and for all if I have to avoid it in my food forever and the products that I use everyday. Check the link below to check out the episode.

2)  I've read some of the information on this site before, I really like the layout and all the information.  I checked out the information that they have on the scalp.  You can check the link out to see if it helps explain scalp issues better if your having a dirty scalp/dandruff problem.

3) And lastly I have visited this site several times, but the prices make me run, but I love my scalp and my hair, I'm thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing their dandruff products which are also gluten free, all there products seem to be gluten free. Check the link out  Some of the reviews give me hope that I can have a clean scalp.

I truly believe that my follicles are clogged or that some of the organic/non organic products that I have been using may have gluten in it and that is why even when I wash my hair my scalp still isn't clean.  My goal more than having beautiful hair, because I've had that no biggie is having A HEALTHY CLEAN SCLAP.  With that my hair will grow beautiful and faster.

Natural Joyanne

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