Friday, March 2, 2012

Premium Now Sensationnel Yaki Styled Update

My family and I decided to take my mom out to celebrate her 74th birthday on Sunday.  I decided that I wanted to curl the Premium Now Sensationnel Yaki, see the pictures above.  I had it curled when I first got it installed and it was beautiful, but when I washed my hair of course the curls came out.  The curls came out beautiful, I did have tangles though and had to comb my hair at least twice before I returned home.  We went to Church earlier that morning and then had a buffet style lunch at a local hotel. 

Update On Hair

So I've had the hair in for 3 weeks total, I made sure that I washed my hair underneath two times so that it stay's healthy and doesn't dry out.  The hair I purchased wasn't quality hair, it shedded and tangled but it wasn't horrible, because I was spraying water on it and detangling it properly and putting it in one.

I just wanted to wear this hair temporarily until I could purchase the Janet Alco Remi hair.  I got that itch to try a different hairstyle the bang in the front and the long hair in the back.  I wanted to try wearing wigs instead of getting my hair weaved, but got tired of taking the wig of in the night.  The wig that I made I slept in that for a whole week, because of the type of curls I didn't have to worry about ruining the hair.  

Overall the hair is only good for short term styles not long term styles.  I don't recommend you buy this.  It is now Friday, on Wednesday I took it out using a razor to cut the thread.  I didn't take the braid's out though because I still can wear wigs.  I am now wearing the Saga Remi Jerry Curl Wig that I've already reviewed, I cut it to the length and style that I like and it looks great.  Will do a video or show pictures of how it looks, and I've slept in it two days straight instead of taking it of.

Natural Joyanne

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