Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Purchased The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey

How I Came To Learn About This Method

So I came across a article recently, now I've come across this method before, but didn't really read all about or how it actually worked.  It's very simply though, you use conditioner instead of shampoo to cleanse your hair.  You do it as often as you need it and you leave some or all of the conditioner in your hair.  You don't use comb's, brushes, and no heating tools to style your hair.  You can use gel to help style your hair.  The book explains what types of ingredients you should look for in your products and what shouldn't be there. 

With little information I gathered here I there, I thought with this method you just washed your hair with any type of conditioner.  So I've tried doing just that a few times, but my thick natural hair wasn't haven't it and still appeared dirty.  I finally realized while being texlaxed that shampoo wasn't my best friend, so i did research about Wen and the Hair One Cleansing Conditioner.  So I ended up buying the Hair One Cleansing Conditioner.

My Experiene With Hair One Cleansing Conditioner

I loved the Hair One Cleansing Conditioner and how it didn't leave my hair stripped and dry.  I was still able to get my hair and scalp clean.  Given that I didn't apply any heavy products to my hair and scalp that would be hard to remove, and followed the directions provided on the bottle.  I liked the idea of not having to shampoo my hair that often and found this to be a great routine.  Then I just got fed up with taking care of my hair and after cutting it all of, there wasn't any need for me to continue using Hair One.  The bottle that I have left did do wonders on my lace front wig.  I'm not using hair one cleansing conditioner in the future, because it isn't 100% organic, and contains wheat which I'm trying to avoid.

The Research I Came Across About The Curly Girl Method

I just recently found this information and realized that it was way more than using any type of conditioner.  I have even been using just conditioner to cleanse my daughters hair more instead of shampoo.  I find that it keeps her hair from getting as dryed out and tangled, but now I realize I wasn't doing it the right way.  I've listed some information below that I found, about this method that really showed me how great it could be or at least how it's done properly.

Information About This Method

I was reading about it on another site and they had a link to naturallycurly.com, but I don't remember which story I read.  

Then I did my research on Youtube and came across a natural who had been doing this method for awhile.

Check her hair out it is so beautiful, now the method didn't give her this hair texture.  It was always her's, but the method just made her curls more beautiful.

Also check out her blog http://www.mahoganycurls.com/

Before coming across this information I had recently subscribed to a natural on Youtube who was following this method, but after watching Mahoganycurls videos and then reading a preview of the book on Amazon.  I understood the process much better.  I enjoyed reading the preview of the book so much I decided to purchase it for my iPad.  I've actually almost read the entire book in 3 days, I just need to finish the chapters on cutting, coloring, and curly guys.  I skipped the methods used for the routines for the curly hair girls who didn't match my hair type.

A Type 4 Hair Curly Girl On Youtube Who Is Trying This Method

Check out this other natural on Youtube I had already subscribed to her before I came across the curly girl article, before doing more research and then finally buying the book.

What Do I Think?

So far I'm actually liking the idea of this method, and have decided that I will be doing this on my daughters hair for now on.  Now me I'm still not to sure, I'm trying it out.  It works perfect on my daughters hair, she has looser curls than my hair, plus she has more hair than me.  My hair is really short, but it can still benefit me in allowing my hair to become more moisturized and soft.  I was ok with washing my hair with shampoo every 2 weeks, then conditioning once a week.  Braiding my hair up to wear under my weaves protects my hair and creates a flatter surface for my wigs.  Then I started moisturizing my braids and scalp everyday.  Only thing is when my hair is braided up that long, I'm not able to get to some parts of my scalp and make sure it is throughly hydrated and clean.  When I take the braids out my hair is really soft and detangled, but I have dirt piled up in the areas where water simply couldn't rinse it out.  So right now I'm trying the curly girl method, my hair isn't braided, I'm wearing it loose.  Then putting the stocking cap on when I'm ready to put on my wig.

What I like about this method is that it enhances your girls, the more and more you comb your hair it seems to separate the curls.  Which doesn't show our through curl pattern, when the curls separate they also can become more weak on their own.  Another thing about this method is that it is simple.  It seems that you don't have to spend as much time detangling, and styling your hair.  Then again it requires you to cleanse it more often, which in turn can seem like your spending a lot of time doing your hair.  I think it's at least worth a try.

Natural Joyanne

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