Monday, July 16, 2012

African Black Soap For Acne: Simple Yet Effective Help

Liquid African Black Soap
So I've been suffering with facial acne from in my teens, and it's been a up and down battle.  I've tried several treatments, some work for awhile then they stop.

For about two weeks I've been using African Black Soap, before I was using two different types of medicated skin creams prescribed by my doctor.  Clindoxy and Retin-A 0.025%. They helped, but I wanted to switch to a more natural approach for awhile.  Sometimes I also apply Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar to face, since I stopped using the prescribed creams.

Medicated Acne Creams Clindoxy and Rentin-A 0.025%
My results with the African Black Soap have been really positive.  It drys out pimples, gets rid of dead skin and gives my face a smoother appearance.  Since it dried out the pimples really well it will turn any noticeable or large pimple dark and leave the rest of your face dried out after continued use.  So you will need a moisturizer.  I'm using Alba Botanica Oil control lotion.

Alba Oil Control Lotion
How I Use African Black Soap To Help With My Acne

First you will need a African Black Soap Bar.  A empty bottle your not using a knife and warm or hot filtered water.  Cut small pieces of the African Black Soap Bar and place into the empty bottle, then add water.  You may shake the contents up, after awhile the soap will dissolve and turn into a liquid.  

Now you can rinse your face with warm water, and start washing your face with the liquid.  Once your face is clean apply the liquid directly to your face at night.  Rinse of in the morning, you will notice a difference after only one use and especially over time.  If you have irritated skin, the soap will sting your face a little.  After awhile it won't bother you.

So far I'm loving it and it is working, I've used the African Black Soap before going and getting the prescribe creams from my doctor.  So using that first helped clear away some of the acne then the prescribe creams cleared away some of the persisting acne.  The African Black Soap is keeping some of the acne from returning and drying up new ones that appear.  Also drinking a lot of water, exercise, proper diet, pimple extractions may help improve your acne.  My acne is still a work in progress, but much improved now. 

Pimple Extraction Tool

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