Monday, July 2, 2012

New Tyler Perry Movie Sporting Natural Hair Beauty's

Madea’s Witness Protection
So I decided to wear my natural hair out when I went to see Tyler Perry's new movie Witness Protection.  The movie was hilarious, but I noticed that there where several actresses, who played small roles wearing natural hairstyles.  Now I've been noticing for years that alot of black women who are in commercials on TV wear their hair natural.  However, this is the first time I've seen a lot of natural hairstyles in a movie.  There was this one actress in the movie who was in the choir when they had a church scene who had the seem hairstyle as minds.  See my hairstyle below:

The pictures above is the second day hair, I was on my way to the beach and decided to take these pictures.

To create this look, I blow-dried my hair in small sections using a lot of my Shea Butter mixture.  I didn't have any breakage while blow drying or after.  I put a lot of my Shea Butter mixture and my oil mix in my hair the second day.  I rowed three braids on each side of my hair and used a hair pick to form the afro in the middle and my hands. Since my last length check which put my hair at 3 inches, my hair is now almost 5 inches.  I won't be that thrill when my hair gets longer, as it was a lot of work to detangle for me.  This time around I'm hoping that by using new technique's I can eliminate detangling and styling time.  So far my method is very simple, sometimes I try different things out like the style out above.  Whenever I do something different or a style I haven't tried in awhile it takes awhile for me to do.

I enjoyed my weekend hairstyle a lot, now I'm back to wearing my Onyc curly wig.

Natural Joyanne

Photosource:  Tyler Perry 

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