Friday, August 10, 2012

It's The Weekend Natural Hair Inspiration August 10th, 2012

Do you have type 4 hair and think you can't create beautiful twist outs on your short hair?  It takes a little bit more time to create than a twa, but it can last you for a week or more.  You still will have to refresh your twist out with some sort of hair butter, oil, or mist of water.  In my opinion just creating a twa, shaping with your hand and a hair pick is much easier to create.  You still will have to refresh with water or conditioner every morning and a hair pick.

If your craving defining your curls or want a change of style.  Then try twisting your hair in small twists and then do a twist out.  I find that you will get even better and more curl definition by using eco styler gel or a curling cream of your choice.  I just experimented with this style on a section of my hair using eco styler gel and it looked awesome.  I wanted to do my whole head, but since I will be going in the pool on the weekend.  I decided that I would try this style Monday.

Natural Joyanne


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