Monday, August 13, 2012

Protect Your Hair When You Swim

I decided to take my son and daughter at least once a week as long as the weather is good and we don't make any other plans to the beach.  Since I live in the Bahamas it is mostly summer throughout the year.  Now I was faced with the dilemma about what to do with my hair.  Here are the options I chose that worked out great for me.


1) When I go swimming at the beach I wear my short curly lace front wig over my hair that is braided.  Since this wig tangles alot in the back I have to braid it into two ponytails on either side of the wig.  I attach the wig to my hair with the combs and it stayed on.

2)  When I go swimming in the pool I wear my long wig.  I also braid it into two ponytails.  I had to sew my own combs on the inside of the wig to attach to my hair, then I wear a hair band around the wig.

3) I simply went in the water with my twa.  My hair was easy to wash, condition and detangle, but it didn't look that good after I came out of the water. 

4) The last option is the one that I will be doing for as long as I can and it continues to work for me.  Wearing a spandex cap over my twa or a wig, it stays put.  When I went swimming in the pool though and I tried diving down with alot of force it slipped of my wig.  You can always make quick adjustments.  It didn't slip of my twa when I was at the beach.

Natural Joyanne

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