Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Horror Stories Shampooing My 4a Hair

See full size imageI remember some of my first experiences with shampooing natural hair.  One of them being when I still had my perm ends and I went to my hairstylist to remove my weave.  Lady's I had a shampooing natural hair disaster, have you ever tried shampooing your hair the old way as if you still had the perm or have silky unruly tresses?

Please lady's don't make the mistake I made, which is to first go to someone who doesn't know anything about natural hair.  When your natural and your hair is transitioning, after you remove it from braids if you had a hair weave like me, you will end up with a big matted mess.  Yes she had to cut the big mat out, and this matting situation also happens if you have a perm and don't detangle before you wash.

You have to detangle your hair in sections from the ends of course working up to the roots, if you don't have a detangler apply conditioner to your hair before you shampoo.  I wasn't doing this step when I first went natural, but you should section your hair and put it loose braids, this helps with detangling alot.  See shampooing natural hair doesn't have to be that hard.

When I finally decided to do the big chop, my hair was shorter like 4 inches so shampooing my natural hair was so easy.  I'd just apply my african black soap shampoo that I use to purchase from essential balms, rinse and then apply kinky curly custard and kinky curly knot to day and that was it.  I could wear my afro just like that I go about my business.

One day when I decided to do my hair mayo treatment my hair had grown to about 8 inches and I thought I could shampoo my hair the old way.  I was know using Burt's Bee Shampoo and Conditioner.  No no lady's and gent's you need to section that hair and put it in loose braids, because you will have alot of detangling to do.

Shampooing natural hair doesn't have to be a bad experience if you just do it the right way.  Tell me how do you shampoo your natural hair?

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