Monday, February 27, 2012

Hairfinity Vitamins For Hair Growth

I like to keep my routine simple and use products that I feel work for me and that are reasonable.  However I like to try something new every now and then.  I decided to purchase 2 bottles of Hairfinity Vitamins to increase my hair growth.  Two bottles cost $42 plus shipping.  Hopefully if I take them as recommended which is twice a day I'll get 1/2 to 1 full inch  in one month.  These vitamins help you to grow your hair to up to 1 inch a month, the company does recommend that you follow some other steps to also maintain and keep your length.  You can also answer some simple questions on their site and they will send you recommendations by email on how to care for your hair, check the link here

Now I don't have a problem with my hair growing, but I just want to try these and see how much more my hair would grow.  It seems that my hair only grows 1/4 a inch every month, which is slow.  I know how to maintain my hair and keep it healthy, I eat healthy, drink alot of water and exercise.  I don't do all of the following as a continued ritual, but before I drink soda everyday, I rather not have it in my house and drink water.

There are tons of testimonials on Hairfinity's Facebook Page
Stay tuned for updates on how much growth I get from this product, I will be taken pictures of my hair when I take it out of this hair weave and follow up pictures every couple of months to document my hair growth.

Natural Joyanne

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