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What Is Viola Davis Hair Color

Viola Davis

Viola Davis new short natural hair really is captivating but the color is what is really standing out.  I started trying to research this color by simply checking dark n lovely online site.  They have color swatches showing you different colors to choose from.  The only thing I don't like is the company doesn't have much information on their site about the product.

The chestnut blond, golden bronze and rich auburn in the Dark N Lovely brand seem to be similar to what Viola is rocking. 
Rich Auburn
Rich Auburn

Chestnut Blonde
Chestnut Blonde

Golden Bronze
Golden Bronze

Sometimes, when you color your hair, it doesn't come out exactly like what you see on the box, because of your natural color.  It would be best to go to a professional colorist, because they would know how to lift your hair with bleach properly so that when they add the color you would get the closes you can to the color you want to achieve.

Here is the information I found at Walgreens about the Dark N Lovely Hair coloring brand.


    An innovative formula that delivers vibrant, fade-resistant color and shine. This new formula contains exclusive moisture seal technology for double the conditioning power - especially designed to help protect relaxed and natural hair while coloring. The result is silky hair and luxurious, rich color.
        • Locks in true-to-tone color and shine
        • Up to 100% gray coverage
        • 1 application
        • After color conditioner - multiple applications
        • Non-drip liquid cream-gel - easy, no mess application
        • Low ammonia formula - new pleasant fragrance
        • Aloe vera & sunflower oil - rich moisturizing ingredients
        Moisture seal technology - a super-rich conditioning cocoon wraps around the hairstrand to help protect it from dryness and damage even after multiple shampoos.
        • Locks in shine to illuminate color
        • Helps protect colored hair from breakage
        • Leaves hair smooth
        • Applicator bottle containing creme developer
        • Bottle of permanent haircolor
        • Moisture rich conditioner tube
        • Instruction sheet with plastic gloves
      Made in USA
    • Read and follow insert.
    © 2011 SoftSheen-Carson LLC
 Read the warnings here
Read the descriptions here

Check out the hair colors at Creme Of Nature Website, and check out more information about the product at Walgreens.  I don't see a color that matches Viola Davis Hair Color exactly, but they do have some nice colors. 

Although it is very tempting to change our hair color, because are hair is already dry the hair color can make it even more dry.  Meaning that it would need to be moisturized more, color treated hair needs moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, treatment's, less heat and styling.  Hair that is relaxed is even more prone to breakage.

One should use a lot of precaution and do research before deciding to color your hair.  According to The Science of Black Hair permanent coloring strips away some of the protein deep within textured hair strands and makes our hair weaker and vulnerable to breakage.  The book lists other types of color services, it says that even though temporary-color rinses don't come in lighter shades.  It is the safest hair color for textured hair, as it only sits on the outside of the hair shaft and can even make the hair cuticle stronger.  It only comes in shades that are similar in color to your existing hair color or darker shades and can enhance your current color making it richer and glossier.  The book further say's that it acts like protein, so for some it may make their hair dry.  Diligent moisturizing and deep conditioning are still needed to restore the hair's natural elasticity and pliability following a color rinse.

So then coloring seems to be something that should be left for the professionals.  Or at least you should have some research and more information before you proceed.  You may be a person who likes to try new things and just might give it a go.  However, the seem time and care that you give your natural or relaxed hair, more effort and time may need to be given to colored treated hair so that your hair doesn't break.

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